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You can study without leaving your home
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Meet our teacher Jane. An illustrator, teacher at the Mechkovskaya beauty school. Education: architecture, Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts

Collaborated with magazines: Sobaka.nsk, AIRPORT, MEGAPOLIS, EyeRepublic, Fashion collection.

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Our revamped New Years course will delve in great detail into how to create volume on spherical surfaces, will draw New Years balls and bells, will figure out how to do shadows and creases on complex objects, will draw cookies and last but definitely not least -- a cup full of dark mulled wine! Our design will be complete with a few fir branches.

The course comprises 12 classes and a final lesson:

1. Introduction and materials.
2. Arrangement and placement rules for text and drawings within the sheet.
3. Text. Font exercises
3.1. Color wheel. Color combinations. Chromatic and achromatic colors.
4. Textures: glass, metal, wood.
4.1. A New Year's lesson.
5. Drawing a Paris outfit
6. Drawing a strawberry pie
7. Drawing Travel in Italy
8. A My Workspace spread
9. Drawing an Insta Breakfast design
10. Drawing shoes and flowers in a hat box
11. Drawing a Mojito cocktail (liquid in a glass)
12. A My Tools spread
13. Final lesson

Course fee: 90$
The course comprises 15 classes and a final self-guided work:

1. Introduction Materials
2. Banners and gradients. Sharpies
3. Learning perspective based on a cube.
4. Light and shade basics based on simple shapes
5. Displaying shape using a single color.
6. Learning volume using simple shapes and just two colors.
7. Analyzing wood texture. Drawing wood desks/bedside tables
8. Analyzing fabric texture. Pillow sketch
9. Analyzing metal texture. Teapot sketches
10. Analyzing leather texture. Leather seat sketch.
11. A task to copy an interior Expressive sketching.
12. Frontal perspective. Constructing in pencil
13. Frontal perspective. An interior in color
14. Angular perspective. Constructing in pencil
15. Angular perspective. An interior in color
16. Self-guided work

Course fee: 90$
This course is dedicated to learning how to draw face charts which will then help you apply various types of impressive make-up. During the process we will learn the anatomy of a human skull and will train ourselves to draw first with crayons and then using real make-up. In the final lesson you will be able to showcase all the skill you will have acquired in a self-guided project.

The course comprises 12 classes and a final lesson:

1. Introduction, materials talk.
2. Learning the face anatomy using a skull.
2.1. Color wheel. Color combinations. Chromatic and achromatic colors.
3. Drawing eyes, lips and nose. Placing shadows.
4. Learning sculpture.
5. A lesson on lips
6. A lesson on eyes
7. Drawing a Halloween-themed face chart
8. Drawing a nude face chart
9. Drawing evening make-up Dark Bordeaux lips and active eyes.
10. Drawing a wedding face chart. How to achieve subtlety in make-up and not go overboard with color.
11. Drawing an Asian nude face chart
12. Drawing an Asian face chart with active make-up
13. Drawing a fantasy face chart using applique patterns
14. Final lesson

Course fee: 90$
This course will grant you basic knowledge on face construction and will teach you to draw a fashion-style portrait using a single tint of water color and crayon. Moreover, you will learn how to use two sharpie tints to create a sketch portrait, will obtain basic schemes for constructing a figure both in static and dynamic positions and will find out how to create a fashion look with sharpies and watercolor. Also the course includes detailed study of all elements of a portrait using light and shade: eyes, nose and lips. You will learn to draw various textures and surface finishes of fabric, be that lace, fur or a knit sweater, will discover the secrets of stylizing a face and a figure and will learn to draw hair and various hair styles. Also you will be able to do quick live Fashion-sketch drawings. Upon completion of the course you will select your favorite technique or material and do a final task.

The course comprises 18 classes and a self-guided final work:
1.1 "Introduction to materials"
1.1.2 "Drawing separate face features. The anatomy of eyes, nose and lips".
1.2. Tone and anatomy of eyes in detail
2. Learning the face construction pattern fullface and a linear face sketch using two sharpies
3. A fashion portrait in watercolor and pencil
4. Stylizing a face. Drawing a fahion sketch portrait with sharpies.
5. How to draw a face sideways
6. Drawing a face in 3/4
7. How to draw hair and various hairdos
8. A figure face forward
9. Drawing a onesie swimming suit look
10. A figure in perspective
11. Drawing a New Years' dress with seuins
12. Drawing a fashion look with sharpies
13. Drawing white fabric a t-shirt look
14. Drawing a see-through fabric look
15. Stylizing a figure
16. Lace, sweater and fur in detail
17. Linear sketches
18. A fashion look against a black background
19. "Final task". Self-guided work

Course fee: 90$
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